When you drive an Audi, you’re driving one of the world’s most coveted vehicle brands. This is why you should never take a chance when you need a comprehensive car service and always go with an expert. At Prestige Auto Works, we offer Audi drivers from Melbourne the chance to get their vehicles serviced, repaired and maintained at a fraction of the cost that an Audi Dealership would charge them. And because we are Audi Specialists, you will not void your warranty.

At Prestige Auto Works, we’ll service and repair both petrol and diesel models, assisting with everything from CVT transmission services to flushing your brake fluid. We are also equipped to undertake performance tuning, mechanical repairs and electrical repairs.

Audi Service Melbourne
Audi Servicing Melbourne


We are Melbourne’s preferred independent Audi car service provider. Our Audi logbook servicing surpasses all other automotive shop standards and we’ll tailor a servicing plan to suit your budget.

Prestige Auto Works prides itself on the level of detail put into each and every Audi service report, and all our findings are only carried out by the very best qualified Audi car mechanics to be found. We are also equipped with the latest Audi diagnostic equipment and can tackle all sorts of electrical repair faults and issues, allowing us to provide you with realistic auto repair estimates and car maintenance quotes.

Your Audi provides you with hours of pure driving pleasure. Why not repay it the favour by only trusting a world class expert when it needs assistance? To book your appointment, visit our website to chat with a Website Live Chat consultant or visit our Facebook page for more information.